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Metal Trading.

Metal Trading is the safest means as compared to currencies it includes Gold,Silver,Platinum etc. When you don’t want to risk your capital, you can trade through metals in the market, Spot Gold has much value and it is safe to trade into the market. On the contrary, Spot silver is also used for many industrial purposes and used economically also.

You get to trade with the metals you don’t use and can earn from that too. Trading Spot Metals allows you to diversify in terms of your portfolio a much. Paymax make sure you can have the right choice of metals to trade with in the market and Gold and Silver have strong price movements in the market so that can benefit you.

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You get to trade in the largest financial markets with $5 trillion daily turnover and get access to deal with all major metals on competitive prices.

Market Sell Buy Change%
GOLD SPOT 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54
GOLDEURO 1142.30 1142.85 -0.54
GOLDgr 41.575 41.583 0.05
GOLDoz 1293.11 1293.43 0.05
PLATINUM 901.65 903.15 0.84
SILVER SPOT 15.045 15.079 0.63
SILVEREURO 13.289 13.327 -0.21