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Crypto-Currency Trading.

we Want to go trading with digital currencies? Then Crypto currency is the right choice for it. Crypto currencies include many types that are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple,Monero etc. With Paymax you get to trade with these fastest growing investments in the market with your CFD account. These currencies are exchanged against the US Dollars and other popular currencies around the world.

You can trade Crypto currency with a spice of leverage to provide an ideal solution for reducing your risk for the physical assets held by you. You can expand your business with Paymax with these digital currencies.

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The Paymax crypto CFDs, traders can go both long and short without actually holding the asset itself. This means that our clients gain exposure to the crypto market without having to worry about the security risks of owning them, such as hacking and bank-blocks. That’s because rather than trading from a crypto exchange you’re trading their cash CFDs with a leading ASIC regulated broker.

Currency Symbol Contract Size Minimum Trade Maximum Trade Financing Charges Trading Hours
Bitcoin BTC 1 1 10 2.5$ Monday - Friday
Ethereum ETH 10 1 10 1.5$ Monday - Friday
Litecoin LTC 20 1 10 2$ Monday - Friday
Ripple XRP 100 1 10 2$ Monday - Friday
Monero XMR 20 1 10 2$ Monday - Friday